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Last Updated : Apr 20, 2023

This free tool Reverse Age Calculator helps to find your date of birth based on your age and today's date or any other date in the future or the past. You need to enter the age and age on this date value in the specified box and press the calculate button to get the answer.


Age on this Date

Examples of Reverse Age Calculator

How To Convert Reverse Age?

Now, we will look down the simple steps to easily convert the Reverse Age. 

  • First, we will insert the value of the age and age on this date. 
  • Or, directly substitute the value in the online tool to obtain the final result.

Reverse Age  Conversion Examples

1. What will be the reverse age of 39 years old from February 5th 2023?



Date: 2023-02-05

Age: 23


On 2023-02-05, you are 23 years old if you are born between Feb. 6, 1999, midnight and Feb. 5, 2000, midnight.

2. What will be the reverse age of 48 years old from November 18th 2022?



Date: 2022-11-18

Age: 48


On 2022-11-18, you are 48 years old if you are born between Nov. 19, 1973, midnight and Nov. 18, 1974, midnight.

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How To Use Reverse Age  Calculator?

These are the steps to use the reverse age calculator in detailed steps.

  • Enter the input value according to the calculator in age and age on this date.
  • Then we have to hit the calculate button in availing the answer.
  • Then we have to check the particular result we want the date and year between which we were born.

FAQs On Reverse Age Converter

1. What is the fastest way to convert Reverse Age?

The fastest way to convert reverse age is by using our handy free tool i.e. Reverse  Age Calculator.

2. What makes you age slower?'

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and do exercise or yoga daily.