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Last Updated : Apr 20, 2023

How Many Hours Until is a Time Calculator that will determine the difference between two timings. By default, Time Until Calculator takes starting time as the current time and you can enter the ending time. After filling in the input boxes, press the calculate button to know the exact time between given timings.

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Steps to Find Time Difference

Here are the detailed steps to find the time difference between two times.

  • Get the starting time and ending time.
  • Check whether the timings are in AM or PM.
  • Get the difference between minutes, seconds, and hours.
  • Firstly, convert the time into 24 hours format.
  • If the number is minutes is larger in starting time, add 60 to the ending time minutes and subtract 1 hour from the ending. Then subtract hours and minutes.
  • If the number is larger in ending time, subtract starting time from ending time.


How many hours until 9 PM?


Assume that,

Current time is 5:30 PM which is starting time
Ending time is 9:00 PM

Convert both into 24 hours format
5:30 PM = 17:30

9:00 PM = 21:00

The number of minutes are larger in starting time
30 + 60 = 90 minutes
21 - 1 = 20 hours
20 - 17 = 3 hours

30 - 0 = 30 minutes

Therefore, the time between 5:30 PM and 9 PM is 3 hours 30 minutes.

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FAQs on How Many Hours Until

1. What is until time?

Until means the time when. When you ask how amny hours until 6 PM means they have to get the difference between present time nad 6 PM.

2. What is 15 hours from now?

15 hours from now will depend on the current time. If the present time is 5:15 PM, then 15 hours will be on 8:15 AM tomorrow.

3. How many hours are there between 3 days?

There are 73 hours (24 x 3) between 3 days.

4. How many hours until tomorrow?

Count hours from now to 24 hours so that we can get the number of hours to spend until tomorrow.