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Find out how many mondays are there in a year easily taking help of our online calculator over here. All you need to do is type in the particular year for which you need to find the number of mondays and hit the calculate button. That’s it the how many mondays in a year calculator will display the result.

Mondays in a year

How to calculate the number of mondays in given Year?

To find out the number of mondays in given year follow the simple process over here. They are along the lines

Let us see the number of days in a year = 365

We can write it as 365 = 364 +1

Dividing 364/7 we get 52 weeks

In 52 weeks there will be 52 mondays

On the other hand, if a year begins with monday there will be 53 mondays on a whole.

How Many Mondays in 2023?

There are 0 Mondays in 2023. Following is list of all Mondays for 2023.

Examples on How many Mondays come in a Year

Example 1: 

Calculate how many mondays are in the year 2021?


Given year = 2021

Number of days in the year 2021 = 365

Generally, we can split up the 365 days into 52 weeks plus 1 day

Each week will have 1 monday thus making a total of 52 mondays

Now let us examine the starting day of 2021 and last day of 2021 to see if the year begins or ends with monday.

As it is not monday the total mondays we have in 2021 is 52.

Example 2:

Determine number of mondays in the year 2024?


Given year = 2024

Number of days in the year 2024 = 366 

Dividing into weeks we have 366  = 366/7 = 52 weeks Plus 2 days

As the year began with Monday you will have 53 mondays in total in 2024

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FAQs on Number of Mondays in a Year Calculator

1. How many mondays are in 365 days?

There are 52 mondays in 365 days.

2. How many mondays will be there in a leap year if the first day of the year is sunday?

There will be 53 mondays in a leap year if the first day of the year is sunday.

3. What is the largest number of Mondays that there can be in any one year?

There can be a maximum of 53 mondays days in an year.