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Are you trying to figure out anser for the question is columbus day same every year then this online calculator on how many days until columbus day is your big savior. All you need to is type in the year for which you need to determine the countdown and the tool displays the countdown instantly.

Columbus Day Countdown

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

How Many More Days Until Columbus Day 2024 ?

220 Days

When is Columbus Day 2024?

Columbus Day 2024 is on Tuesday, October 09, 2024

Significance of Columbus Day

Columbus day is a national holiday marking the anniversary of Christopher Columbus. These holidays have been celebrated officially back 18th century.Earlier it was celebrated on Oct 12. However, this was changed and is now being celebrated on the 2nd Monday of the year. 

Countdown to Columbus Day

Firstly, let us mark today’s date i.e. 8th Apr 2023

As we know the columbus day is celebrated on 2nd Monday of October 2023

Let us find when is 2nd Monday of October 2023

= 9th October 2023

Therefore, counting from today to 9th Oct 2023 we have 183 days in total.

Previous and Future Dates of Columbus Day

Below is the list of Columbus Day Dates for both previous and future years. You can check out this compilation over here and know the dates without any ambiguity. 

  • Monday, 14th of October 2019
  • Monday, 12th of October 2020
  • Monday, 11th of October 2021
  • Monday, 10th of October 2022
  • Monday, 9th of October 2023
  • Monday, 14th of October 2024
  • Monday, 13th of October 2025
  • Monday, 12th of October 2026
  • Monday, 11th of October 2027
  • Monday, 9th of October 2028
  • Monday,  8th of October 2029
  • Monday, 14th of October 2030
  • Monday, 13th of October 2031

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FAQs on How many days till Columbus Day

1. Is Columbus Day different every year?

Columbus day is marked on the 2nd Monday of October every year.

2. Why is Columbus Day even a thing?

Columbus day is a national holiday to commemorate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus on Oct 12.

3. When was the first Columbus Day celebration?

First columbus day was celebrated in the Year 1792.