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Use the free Steps to Kilometer Calculator to convert the given number of steps travelled into kilometres. Select gender type, enter steps in the input boxes and hit the calculate button. The tool will display the distance in kilometres.

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How to Convert Steps to Kilometres?

Here we have given the detailed procedure for converting the steps into kilometres. The steps to kilometres calculation are based on the assumption that on average, a man needs 1312 steps to walk a 1-kilometre distance, and a woman requires 1491 steps to walk a mile.

  • Know the gender of the person and the number of steps they have walked.
  • If it is a man, then divide steps by 1312.
  • If it is a woman, divide the number of steps by 1491.
  • The result is the distance they have walked in kilometres.

Example of Converting Steps into Kilometres

How many kilometres are 5000 steps?


Given that,

The number of steps a person walks is 5000

We already know that

A man walked 1312 steps = 1 kilometre

So, 1 step = 1/1312  = 0.0007621 kilometres

A woman walked 1491 steps = 1 kilometre

So, 1 step = 1/1491 = 0.0006706 kilometres

Therefore, a person walked 5000 steps = 5000 x 0.0007621

= 3.811 kilometres 

A women walked 5000 steps = 5000 x 0.00042

= 3.353 kilometres

Therefore, 3.811 kilometres is 5000 steps for a man and 3.353 kilometres is 5000 steps for women.
Steps to Kilometres Conversion Table





0.07621 Kilometres

0.06706 Kilometres


0.3810  Kilometres

0.3353 Kilometres


0.7621  Kilometres

0.6706 Kilometres


3.8109  Kilometres

3.3534 Kilometres


15.2439 Kilometres

13.4138 Kilometres

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How to Use Steps to Kilometre Calculator

  • Initially, you have to select the person’s gender.
  • Give the number of steps they have walked.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • It will display the number of kilometres with an explanation.

FAQs on Steps to Kilometres Conversion Calculator

1. How many steps are in 1 kilometre?

A man has to walk 1312 steps and women require 1491 steps to walk one kilometre.

2. What are 25000 steps in kilometres?

25,000 steps are approximately 19 kilometres.

3. How to calculate steps in a kilometre?

To calculate steps from kilometres, just multiply the miles by 1491 for a woman and 1312 for a man. 

4. How many kilometres are 1000 steps?

There are about 0.7 kilometres in 1000 steps. For an average woman, it will be 0.6706 kilometres for 1000 steps, and 0.7621 kilometres for a man.